Phi of the Week! Nick Lehman #692

Nick Lehman
Year in school/Major: 
Sophomore, Sports management, minor in accounting
Head cashier at the home depot
Interesting Facts: 
Broke my leg freshman year of football and had 2 growth plates in my ankles cut out from breaking it
Love baseball, football, fishing, and camping 
Been on 7 cruises 
Why did you join phi delta theta: 
Wanted to be part of a group of guys who would make me the best I can be whether it’s with grades, helping out the community, volunteering, expanding my social horizon, helping brothers out, and being part of a Fraternity and watching/helping it grow to its best ability!

2018 Crush!

We are very excited to announce Emily Schafer and Stephany Hanzal as our 2018 crush!


We believe they represent our values and three cardinal principles link no one else. We also believe they are striving to become the best versions of themselves and we look forward in walking side by side with them in that process this next year. Congratulations and welcome to the family!

Emily is from Litchfield MN and is a sophomore majoring in Dental Hygiene!

Stephany is from Duluth MN and is a junior majoring in Economics!

Stephany (Left) & Emily (right)

ALS walk!

alswalk2017Just last Sunday, we volunteered at the ALS walk in Mankato! For several years now, we have donated our time and money to ALS and will continue for many years to come. This year, the Mankato ALS walk raised over $87,000! Looking forward to next year!

Election Results

Last night, the men of Phi Delta Theta held our officer elections for the 2017 Calendar Year. Here are the results!

Executive Board
President: #663 Yachi Gutierrez
Vice President: #664 Austin Hassebroek
Treasurer: #667 Noah Micke
Secretary: Phikeia Kole Kleinschmidt
Phikeia Educator: #659 Sam Anderson
Recruitment Chairman: #654 Alex Beck
Member at Large: #669 Wallace Pope
Scholarship Chairman: Phikeia Steven Senden

General Operations Board
Fundraising Chairman: #671 McKinley Johnson
Community Service Chairman: #661 Brett Marshall
Warden: #640 Aaron Quam
Brotherhood Chairman: Phikeia Brandon MacDonald
Social Chairman: #670 Gene Sanguma
Risk Management Chairman: Phikeia Joe Roos
Marketing and Public Relations Chairman: Phikeia Graham Waitt
Historian: #654 Alex Beck
Cultural Relations Co-Chairmen: Phikeia Joe Roos & Phikiea Graham Waitt
Event Coordinator: Phikeia Ethan Ewald
Awards Chairman: #661 Brett Marshall
Alumni Secretary: #661 Brett Marshall
House Manager: Phikeia Ethan Ewald
T-Shirt Chairman: Phikeia JT Nevers

In addition to our own Chapter elections, the Interfraternity Council (or the chief governing body of fraternities on campus at MSU) is in the midst of its election process. So far, #654 Alex Beck has been elected to the Vice President of Conduct Review and #664 Austin Hassebroek was elected to Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations. #661 Brett Marshall is seeking a vote of confidence this coming Thursday to be elected as Vice President of Recruitment. #667 Noah Micke and Phikeia Kole Kleinschmidt are both considering running for the Vice President of Council Management position for which elections are also on Thursday. Stay tuned to our social media for updates on those elections!

Also on the radar for this week is Phikeia Initiation which will be taking place on Sunday evening at 5:00pm. All 11 of the Phikeia who completed their education process are expected to be initiated at that time! We are very excited for the future of fraternity and extend our gratitude to those of you who do so much to support it.

Smashing Out ALS!

Last week, the Phi’s took to the Centennial Student Mall with a junked car for students and faculty to smash with a sledgehammer in an effort to raise money for the ALS Association who funds research for a cure to ALS.



ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is short for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and it is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord causing the inability to use every day motor skills making basic muscle movements like walking and eating very difficult. Phi Delta Theta supports the ALS Association because our fellow Phi Delt and Brother in the Bond, Lou Gehrig, who was a Hall of Fame Baseball Player for the New York Yankees was one of the first people to be diagnosed with the disease. You can find out more about Lou Gehrig and ALS by checking out these links: Information About ALS or Phi Delta Theta & ALS.

The brothers did this same fundraiser last spring during finals week and raised about $110.00. Two days of rain deterred many people from stepping to the plate and taking a few swings. We set a goal to try to double our amount raised and set the bar high at $200. Due to the generosity of other Maverick Greeks, students, and faculty, we surpassed our goal and raked in $240.00! We’d like to thank everyone who participated and donated. We hope it was as much fun for you as it was for us! We will be doing the Car Smash again during Finals Week of Spring Semester! We are also in the works of planning some more on campus fundraisers as well so stay tuned to our social media and blog for more details!

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