About Our Organization

Our chapter began as a local Fraternity known as Alpha Beta Mu. In 1964, the chapter petitioned to and were granted a charter from the Phi Delta Theta International Fraternity. We became the second chapter of Phi Delta Theta in Minnesota, making us the ‘Beta’ chapter.

Our history starts in Mankato at 406 Warren St. This house served as our house for several years before we relocated to Broad St., just across from St. John’s Catholic church. In the mid-80s, Phi Delta Theta relocated to its current residence just a block away at 639 S 4th St. This house served as first a Dean’s residence, and then in the mid-20th century, a girl’s dormitory. It now houses 12 men and hosts numerous functions, such as the Mock House Party.

Our current house located at 639 South 4th Street

Phi Delta Theta has known a long history of awards, excellence, tradition, and brotherhood by living by our motto of “One man is no man”. Our chapter has won the Chapter of the Year Award 15 out of the last 17 years.

The Minnesota Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta is the longest running Fraternity on the Minnesota State University, Mankato campus (this is our 51st year on campus) and currently has 665 active and alumni members as well as 8 Phikeia who are in the process of becoming active members in January.

Phi Delta Theta is also the only Fraternity that has and supports alcohol free housing! For more information on that policy, follow this link: Reasons for Alcohol Free Housing

“Never refer to the fraternity as a ‘frat’. It is an improper colloquialism and its use shows the speaker as unversed in fraternity lore. Members refer to Phi Delta Theta as a ‘fraternity’ and extend the same courtesy to other Greeks as well.”~ The Manual of Phi Delta Theta.


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