2015: A Year in Review

The 2016 calendar is now upon us as spring semester has begun here at Minnesota State. Phi Delta Theta, Minnesota Beta had an exciting year last with lots of cool events and happenings. We’ve compiled what we think to be some of the most notable in this blog post for your reading enjoyment!

One of the biggest highlights of the year was the celebration of our 50th Anniversary which was a two day celebration by Actives and Alumni in Downtown Mankato. The event included a gathering at Loose Moose where members old and new were able to connect on the first day, and the second day there was a formal ceremony, lunch, dinner, and dance. #644 Dennis Durst and Alumni Jim Whitlock were voted as Member of the Year and Alumni of the Year respectively. Bond numbers in attendance ranged from #2 and #3 all the way up #659 and the incoming Phikeia Class which went up to #665. You can view some photos from that event by clicking Here.

Another exciting event was our annual philanthropy event, Walk to Defeat ALS. The event took place in May and was a huge success. Active members assist the local ALS Chapter with the set up, operation, and fundraising for the event. We helped to raise over $65,000 for ALS Research. This year’s walk will again be taking place in May and we are very excited for it and hope that you use your generosity to support the event in any way you are able. Stay tuned to our social media pages and this blog for more information on that event and how you can help.

2015 brought in 12 new members to Phi Delta Theta. We are hoping to exceed that number in 2016 and already have 7 new members so we’re off to a good start there!

Over the summer, 6 brothers (#645 Steve Clark, #657 Flavius Stanici, #658 Zach Voss, #661 Brett Marshall, #663 Yachi Gutierrez, & #664 Austin Hassebroek) got the opportunity to travel to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, our fraternity’s founding location, to attend the Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute. Those brothers got to listen to influential speakers, develop leadership skills, connect and network with Phi Delts from all across North America, and bring all of that knowledge back to the chapter to help it grow and develop. Important recognition from that Conference included the Chapter receiving the Bigger’s Ritual Award which is given out to all chapters who conduct and perform ritual correctly and regularly. Here are some images from that: Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute.

In the fall, Phi Delta Theta tackled homecoming with Alpha Chi Omega Sorority and Sigma Chi Fraternity in a variety of events that included a Minion Themed Parade Float, a Lip Sync dance performance that won first place in the Lip Sync Competition, and many other events. Each event was worth points towards the Homecoming Championship, which unfortunately the team was unable to win. Finishing 4th place overall. You can view some of the pictures from the week here: Homecoming with Alpha Chi Omega and Sigma Chi You can also watch the winning dance right here! 

In November, Phi Delta Theta held a Family Day where families of all the active members had the opportunity to come down to Campus and see the chapter house and meet their son’s brothers and families. The event entailed a few rounds of bowling at a local alley followed by a Tex-Mex themed potluck at the house. The event was a huge success and we plan to start holding a similar event every semester to strengthen the bond of the brothers and their families.

Finally, a big highlight of the year was the election of our officers and executive board for the 2016 Calendar Year. You can check out those election results here: Election Results

We are also very proud to announce that our chapter came through with 3.23 GPA as whole for the Fall of 2015. It was a major goal of ours this year to increase our GPA and we exceeded our own expectations. We have set the bar high for Spring, but are confident we can continue to do it. This is also very important for us because one of Phi Delta Theta’s 3 Cardinal Principles is Sound Learning.

We look forward to the coming year and all of the potential it holds for our chapter. We could be in for a breakthrough year. Thanks for following us and keeping in touch with what we’re doing. Keep it tuned here on our blog for weekly and monthly updates and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @MNSUPhiDelt and like us on Facebook at MNSU Phi Delta Theta for daily updates and happenings. You can find links to all of those along the right hand side of the homepage on a desktop.


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