Phi of the Week: #661 Brett Winston Marshall

This week’s recognized brother is one of the newer ones, #661 Brett Winston Marshall. Brett was voted as this week’s Phi of the Week for the outstanding work he has put in thus far this school year. He has taken over three positions within the chapter and is excelling at all of them. He is the Marketing and Public Relations Chair in which he runs and operates the fraternity’s Social Media pages on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He also set up and built this website and keeps it up to date each week. In addition, he has helped with numerous recruitment events, embracing his public relations role. He took over as Scholarship Chair as well where he, along with the Executive Board, developed a new Scholarship plan to help the brothers succeed more academically. Finally, he has taken on a smaller role, Homecoming Chair, where he helps coordinate events and forwards information along to the chapter.

He is a Sophomore this year studying Marketing as his major and Public Relations as his minor. He is from Albertville, MN and is a graduate of St. Michael-Albertville High School. He enjoys eating Macaroni and Cheese and Mashed Potato Bake. His favorite movie is Miracle and he says he has an obsession with the TV show Parks and Recreation. Julianne Hough is his celebrity crush. His favorite beverage is root beer and his favorite vacation spot is Banff, Canada.

Brett wasn’t someone who ever thought Greek Life would be where he would find himself, but discovered last spring that he was wrong. He said that although he got along with everyone in high school, he never felt like he fit in anywhere and he came into college and had the same luck through the first semester. Then, in the spring, Phi Delta Theta President, Carl Vagle, brought Brett over to the house and his whole life changed. “When I met the brothers, I instantly felt welcomed. I felt like they were people that wanted me there and wanted to help me become the greatest version of myself. They got me involved and were constantly inviting me to events and wanting to get to know me better and that’s what was important to me. I joined because I was finally wanted and fit in. It has been one of the greatest decisions of my life.”

Brett was an outstanding student growing up. He was on the A-Honor Roll from the 1st grade onward to his senior year. He graduated with honors and in the top 15% of his class of over 360 students. He played Varsity Golf and Hockey, both of which he Captained his senior season. He received All-Conference Academic Honors in both sports his junior and senior years. He was also All-Conference Honorable Mention for both sports his senior year. He has co-operated a twitter account that peaked at 60K followers. The account promoted anti-bullying and offered self-help. He has volunteered with the Suicide Prevention Collaborative and has spoken in a high school about the dangers of depression. He volunteered also with Youth Frontiers where he spoke at their annual fundraiser about how the organization helped him and how he thinks promoting positivity in youth is important.

Brett, we hope your success and drives continues as you move through college. We know you’re bound for great things and can’t wait to see what your future holds for you.



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