Phi of the Week: #644 Dennis David Durst

A new thing we will be doing each week is highlighting brothers for Phi of the Week, this week’s featured brother is Dennis Durst.

Dennis is everything a Fraternity man should be. He grew up in Lake City, MN before serving in the United States Navy for as a Corpsman (medic) 29 years! He served in Kuwait where he faced temperatures upwards of 140 degrees. Talk about hot! Dennis was also in the Funeral Honor Guard for 12 years in which he attended 3300 funerals to present the flag for Navy and Coast Guard Veterans. He says that was an extremely honorable and rewarding experience for him and he has taken many memories and spiritual experiences away from it. Dennis says that “I don’t think of myself as much of a military type of guy, but it is something that I just did.”

After deployments, Dennis returned to college here at Minnesota State University where he is a 3rd year student studying Film Media. He decided to join Phi Delta Theta because he felt connected here and it was closest to what he expected. He said it was top 3 on his list and the house really sold him. He has served as our Historian and House Manager in past years and has done a lot for the brothers whether it’s been fixing broken things in the house or making delicious food for brotherhood and social events.

Dennis loves to run. He can run 50 miles in the mountains of Colorado in just 14 hours and has completed four 50-mile races. Add that to a track record that includes 2 completed marathons. Dennis loves to eat vegetarian dishes and also enjoys spaghetti and says that he makes the best Lasagna west of the Mississippi River.

Dennis also just recently became an Iron Phi. Iron Phi is a fundraiser through Phi Delta Theta where members do an athletic event of their choice and then try to fundraise $1000.00 which then is donated to the ALS Association and the Phi Delta Theta Foundation. You can learn more about Iron Phi here: Iron Phi
Dennis ran a 50 mile race and through many donations reached his goal of $1000.00 today! In doing this he has received national recognition from General Headquarters and his personal Iron Phi bond number of #470. We are so proud of all that you have done Dennis. You’re an amazing man and we all look up to you.



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