ALS walk!

alswalk2017Just last Sunday, we volunteered at the ALS walk in Mankato! For several years now, we have donated our time and money to ALS and will continue for many years to come. This year, the Mankato ALS walk raised over $87,000! Looking forward to next year!


Election Results

Last night, the men of Phi Delta Theta held our officer elections for the 2017 Calendar Year. Here are the results!

Executive Board
President: #663 Yachi Gutierrez
Vice President: #664 Austin Hassebroek
Treasurer: #667 Noah Micke
Secretary: Phikeia Kole Kleinschmidt
Phikeia Educator: #659 Sam Anderson
Recruitment Chairman: #654 Alex Beck
Member at Large: #669 Wallace Pope
Scholarship Chairman: Phikeia Steven Senden

General Operations Board
Fundraising Chairman: #671 McKinley Johnson
Community Service Chairman: #661 Brett Marshall
Warden: #640 Aaron Quam
Brotherhood Chairman: Phikeia Brandon MacDonald
Social Chairman: #670 Gene Sanguma
Risk Management Chairman: Phikeia Joe Roos
Marketing and Public Relations Chairman: Phikeia Graham Waitt
Historian: #654 Alex Beck
Cultural Relations Co-Chairmen: Phikeia Joe Roos & Phikiea Graham Waitt
Event Coordinator: Phikeia Ethan Ewald
Awards Chairman: #661 Brett Marshall
Alumni Secretary: #661 Brett Marshall
House Manager: Phikeia Ethan Ewald
T-Shirt Chairman: Phikeia JT Nevers

In addition to our own Chapter elections, the Interfraternity Council (or the chief governing body of fraternities on campus at MSU) is in the midst of its election process. So far, #654 Alex Beck has been elected to the Vice President of Conduct Review and #664 Austin Hassebroek was elected to Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations. #661 Brett Marshall is seeking a vote of confidence this coming Thursday to be elected as Vice President of Recruitment. #667 Noah Micke and Phikeia Kole Kleinschmidt are both considering running for the Vice President of Council Management position for which elections are also on Thursday. Stay tuned to our social media for updates on those elections!

Also on the radar for this week is Phikeia Initiation which will be taking place on Sunday evening at 5:00pm. All 11 of the Phikeia who completed their education process are expected to be initiated at that time! We are very excited for the future of fraternity and extend our gratitude to those of you who do so much to support it.

Smashing Out ALS!

Last week, the Phi’s took to the Centennial Student Mall with a junked car for students and faculty to smash with a sledgehammer in an effort to raise money for the ALS Association who funds research for a cure to ALS.



ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, is short for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and it is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord causing the inability to use every day motor skills making basic muscle movements like walking and eating very difficult. Phi Delta Theta supports the ALS Association because our fellow Phi Delt and Brother in the Bond, Lou Gehrig, who was a Hall of Fame Baseball Player for the New York Yankees was one of the first people to be diagnosed with the disease. You can find out more about Lou Gehrig and ALS by checking out these links: Information About ALS or Phi Delta Theta & ALS.

The brothers did this same fundraiser last spring during finals week and raised about $110.00. Two days of rain deterred many people from stepping to the plate and taking a few swings. We set a goal to try to double our amount raised and set the bar high at $200. Due to the generosity of other Maverick Greeks, students, and faculty, we surpassed our goal and raked in $240.00! We’d like to thank everyone who participated and donated. We hope it was as much fun for you as it was for us! We will be doing the Car Smash again during Finals Week of Spring Semester! We are also in the works of planning some more on campus fundraisers as well so stay tuned to our social media and blog for more details!

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Nine Fine New Men

This past Sunday was an exciting day for Minnesota Beta as we pinned in 9 Phikeias who will begin their education process this coming Sunday. This class of 9 is the largest pledge class Minnesota Beta has had since the Fall of 2014. We’re extremely excited about these guys as we do believe they are going to make incredible student leaders, Greek leaders, and amazing Phis.

Though the process is beginning on Sunday, we are still going to continue to bid potential new members until October 2nd. We’re hoping to get at least three more Phikeia by that date.

That aside, we would like to welcome Kole Kleinschmidt, Ethan Ewald, Graham Waitt, Hunter Herber, Spencer Good, John Scott, Steven Senden, Jesse Sellner, and Brandon MacDonald to our brotherhood!

Phi of the Week: #664 Austin Jon Hassebroek

We’re back at it with Phi of the Week! This week we are recognizing brother #664 Austin Jon Hassebroek! Austin was chosen this week due to his hard work as Secretary. Austin had not held a position before and took on the task of an Executive Board position and has excelled! He has been posting minutes to OrgSync weekly and has been printing out agendas for each member prior to each chapter meeting and has done a great job of being the record keeper for Phi Delta Theta.

Austin is from Shakopee, Minnesota and is in his sophomore year at Minnesota State University, Mankato pursuing a degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Marketing. As stated earlier, he currently holds the position of Secretary. He likes to eat oatmeal with milk, peanut butter, cinnamon, and bananas. His favorite movie and actress are Step Brothers and Jennifer Lawrence respectively. His favorite color is red. He loved his vacation to Ixtapa and Zihuatnejo, Mexico and his favorite song is “Are We Faded” by Keys n  Krates. Austin maintains fantastic grades posting 4.0 GPAs on very consistent basis. He’s been on the Deans’s List several times and this can reflected to the fact that he had perfect attendance from the 3rd grade to his Senior year of high school.

Austin decided to join Phi Delta Theta because of his involvement with Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts when he was younger. He said, “Through learning important life lessons and how to build strong character, I look back at Boy Scouts as one of the best choices I could made for my earlier years.” He continued on to relate the Scouts to Greek Life, “Learning of Greek Life through friends, I knew that it would fill the friendship, discipline, and leadership that I once had in Boy Scouts. I was eager to continue to learn important skills into adulthood, as well as establishing long lasting friendships.” Austin truly has a grasp on what it means to be a member of Phi Delta Theta and we know he will continue to be one of our most outstanding members.


Austin (middle) pictured with two of pledge class brothers #663 Yachi Gutierrez (left) and #665 Patrick Keenan (right).



Phi Delt Fundraising Frenzy

Last week the Phi Delts took to the Centennial Student Union to raise money for the ALS Association by doing not one, but TWO fundraisers. They kicked off the week by doing a bake sale on Monday. Brother #644 Dennis Durst baked up some of his Campus Famous chocolate chip cookies and brownies. The brothers set up a table and sold brownies for $2 and cookies 2 for $1. In just 4 hours, we sold all of the baked goods and raised $110! Not to mention we got great feedback from our customers saying they really enjoyed the cookies and brownies!


On Wednesday, the brothers set up a Raffle for ALS during which they sold tickets for $1, 10 for $5, 25 for $10, and 60 for $20. Participants paid for their ticket(s) and then got to select from 4 different prizes which included prizes from Cold Stone, Chipotle, Noodles and Company, Annie’s Bubble Tea, Palito’s Pizza, Pub 500, Jimmy John’s, and the local downtown movie theater. All of the prizes were generously donated by the businesses so thank you all for donating! Participants also had a chance to double their number of tickets if they purchased $5 or more worth of tickets. If they did, they were given 4 bean bags and got the chance to throw them into the hole and if 2 or more went it, the tickets doubled. Several participants made their shots and it paid off as two of them were raffle winners! When it was all said and done, the brothers raised $214! Winners of the raffle were Marissa Hulshizer for $10 Cold Stone gift card and $10 Annie’s Bubble Tea gift card, John Bulcock for 10 Free Jimmy John’s Subs and $10 Chipotle gift card, Kelly Brant for $10 Cold Stone gift card and 5 free movie passes, and Harley Ries for Free Noodles and Company for a Year and $10 Chipotle gift card! Thank to everyone who donated and participated in our fundraiser. 100% of the grand total of $324 goes to the ALS Association. We will be looking to do one more fundraiser this semester and will release more details about that on our Twitter and Facebook pages when the date comes closer!

Sweet Gamma Phi UPDATE!

Last night at the monthly All-Greek meeting, the beautiful ladies of Gamma Phi Beta accepted our invitation to be our 2016 Homecoming Partner! If you missed how we asked them, you can watch the video here: Sweet Gamma Phi They presented us with this delicious cake and a sign in front of the entire Greek Community. It was pretty special. Thank you ladies, we look forward to a fun Homecoming this fall!


“The Perfect Pair”

2015: A Year in Review

The 2016 calendar is now upon us as spring semester has begun here at Minnesota State. Phi Delta Theta, Minnesota Beta had an exciting year last with lots of cool events and happenings. We’ve compiled what we think to be some of the most notable in this blog post for your reading enjoyment!

One of the biggest highlights of the year was the celebration of our 50th Anniversary which was a two day celebration by Actives and Alumni in Downtown Mankato. The event included a gathering at Loose Moose where members old and new were able to connect on the first day, and the second day there was a formal ceremony, lunch, dinner, and dance. #644 Dennis Durst and Alumni Jim Whitlock were voted as Member of the Year and Alumni of the Year respectively. Bond numbers in attendance ranged from #2 and #3 all the way up #659 and the incoming Phikeia Class which went up to #665. You can view some photos from that event by clicking Here.

Another exciting event was our annual philanthropy event, Walk to Defeat ALS. The event took place in May and was a huge success. Active members assist the local ALS Chapter with the set up, operation, and fundraising for the event. We helped to raise over $65,000 for ALS Research. This year’s walk will again be taking place in May and we are very excited for it and hope that you use your generosity to support the event in any way you are able. Stay tuned to our social media pages and this blog for more information on that event and how you can help.

2015 brought in 12 new members to Phi Delta Theta. We are hoping to exceed that number in 2016 and already have 7 new members so we’re off to a good start there!

Over the summer, 6 brothers (#645 Steve Clark, #657 Flavius Stanici, #658 Zach Voss, #661 Brett Marshall, #663 Yachi Gutierrez, & #664 Austin Hassebroek) got the opportunity to travel to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, our fraternity’s founding location, to attend the Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute. Those brothers got to listen to influential speakers, develop leadership skills, connect and network with Phi Delts from all across North America, and bring all of that knowledge back to the chapter to help it grow and develop. Important recognition from that Conference included the Chapter receiving the Bigger’s Ritual Award which is given out to all chapters who conduct and perform ritual correctly and regularly. Here are some images from that: Kleberg Emerging Leaders Institute.

In the fall, Phi Delta Theta tackled homecoming with Alpha Chi Omega Sorority and Sigma Chi Fraternity in a variety of events that included a Minion Themed Parade Float, a Lip Sync dance performance that won first place in the Lip Sync Competition, and many other events. Each event was worth points towards the Homecoming Championship, which unfortunately the team was unable to win. Finishing 4th place overall. You can view some of the pictures from the week here: Homecoming with Alpha Chi Omega and Sigma Chi You can also watch the winning dance right here! 

In November, Phi Delta Theta held a Family Day where families of all the active members had the opportunity to come down to Campus and see the chapter house and meet their son’s brothers and families. The event entailed a few rounds of bowling at a local alley followed by a Tex-Mex themed potluck at the house. The event was a huge success and we plan to start holding a similar event every semester to strengthen the bond of the brothers and their families.

Finally, a big highlight of the year was the election of our officers and executive board for the 2016 Calendar Year. You can check out those election results here: Election Results

We are also very proud to announce that our chapter came through with 3.23 GPA as whole for the Fall of 2015. It was a major goal of ours this year to increase our GPA and we exceeded our own expectations. We have set the bar high for Spring, but are confident we can continue to do it. This is also very important for us because one of Phi Delta Theta’s 3 Cardinal Principles is Sound Learning.

We look forward to the coming year and all of the potential it holds for our chapter. We could be in for a breakthrough year. Thanks for following us and keeping in touch with what we’re doing. Keep it tuned here on our blog for weekly and monthly updates and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @MNSUPhiDelt and like us on Facebook at MNSU Phi Delta Theta for daily updates and happenings. You can find links to all of those along the right hand side of the homepage on a desktop.

Elections and Alumni

The last two weeks, Minnesota Beta held their elections for new officers for the 2016 Calendar year. The results of the elections are as follows:

Executive Board
President–#654 Alexander Taylor Beck
Vice President–#661 Brett Winston Marshall
Treasurer–#644 Dennis David Durst
Secretary #664 Austin Jon Hassebroek
Phikeia Education–#663 Yasuhiro Gavin Gutierrez
Recruitment–#646 Justen Cameron Smithers
Member at Large–#666 Austin Brian Croteau
Scholarship–#645 Steven Patrick Clark

Officer Positions
Risk Management–Phikeia Austin Brian Croteau
Community Service–#665 Patrick Thomas Pattno Keenan
Alumni Secretary–#644 Dennis David Durst
Social Chairman–Phikeia Noah Micke
Warden–#659 Samuel Carl Anderson
Fundraising Chairman–#657 Flavius Stanici
Brotherhood Chairman–Phikeia Anthony Thomas Shear
Award Chairman–#645 Steven Patrick Clark
House Manager–#644 Dennis David Durst

Appointed Positions
Marketing and Public Relations Chairman–#661 Brett Winston Marshall
Chaplain–#656 Derek James Durst
Historian–#661 Brett Winston Marshall & #644 Dennis David Durst

In addition to electing new officers, Phi Delta Theta Minnesota Beta sent the following five brothers Alumni: #610 Ian Daniel Elhard, #634 Scott Michael Anderson, #641 Ryan James Demko, #642 Walker Lee Johnson, and #643 Carl William Vagle. Congratulations to all of you and thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the Minnesota Beta chapter of Phi Delta Theta. You will be missed. We hate to see you go, but love to watch you leave. We know you will all go on to do great things in your lives.