Phi of the Week! Dylan Benson

Name: Dylan C. Benson

Year in school/Major: Junior/Business Management

Occupation: Extreme Couponing and Bio-life depositing

Interesting Facts: My parents had me in their middle 40’s so I know all the classics from the 60’s-80’s.

Why did you join phi delta theta: I became interested in Phi Delta Theta after I spoke with an alumni for nearly an hour about what it was that I wanted out of my time here at school. Networking, good academics, and being more known was what I was working towards. After being around the guys in the chapter, I could see how I wasn’t the only one doing whatever it took to become the best. “Surround yourself with like-minded individuals”. I joined Phi Delta Theta to become a better version of myself.


Phi of the Week! Clinton Herrick #698

Name: Clint Herrick

Year in school/Major: Sophomore Computer IT

Occupation: Currently cook/busser at The OG

Interesting Facts: Known for high quality memes and I like programming and working on my PC

Why did you join Phi Delta Theta: When I was going through a rough time in life, the people I met in PDT helped me get through it and be the person I usually am, and it is great to always have a group of like minded people to study, hang out, and laugh with. They gave me a chance and I intend on proving that they made the right choice in bidding me.


Phi of the Week! Brandon Van Meveren #685

Name: Brandon Brett Van Meveren
Year in school: Sophomore, undecided
Occupation: Work Study at the Alumni and Foundation Center
Interesting facts: Graduating class size was 34
Why did I join Phi Delta Theta: I joined because I was looking for a way to get more involved on campus. Phi Delta Theta has provided me with several opportunities to help better my school, community and myself.

Phi of the Week! Brett Marshall #661


Name: Brett Marshall

Year in school/Major: Senior, Double Major in Marketing, Mass media w/ Public relations emphasis

Occupation: Chapter fundraising chair, interfraternity council president, sales associate at kohl’s, centennial student union public relations intern, scholarship committee, recruitment committee, brotherhood committee

Interesting Facts: I own 42 pairs of shoes, I have a cousin in the fraternity, I have served in 3 different positions on IFC, I’ve been featured in the school newspaper 3 times and appeared on the local KEYC news 10 times


Healthy Relationships Week with Alpha Chi!

FEBRUARY 12-16 is Healthy Relationships week with Alpha Chi Omega! The goal of Alpha Chi Omega’s Healthy Relationships Week is to foster the development of healthy relationships, and by so doing, prevent domestic violence and sexual assault. The week traditionally focuses on encouraging individuals to define what love means to them through the Love Is… campaign.


Alpha Chi Omega will be tabling in the Highland Center Tuesday & Wednesday from 10am-2pm! Handing out cookies with tips about healthy relationships.

Also it is Alpha Chi appreciation week! All this week we will be featuring Alpha Chi Omega on our social media sites!